About Us


The Church of the Sacred Heart is a growing, warm and diverse family unified by our Roman Catholic faith through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Like the Apostles, we teach, live, and proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ and through our ministries we serve the needs of our universal community by Sacrament, Worship, Word, and Deed.

Challenges and Opportunities

We enter the decade of the Nineties conscious that the Church of the Sacred Heart stands with the Diocese in the midst of the world as a sign of the Kingdom of God. We pledge to share the God of mercy and to stand with all those who seek justice for themselves, their families, and the world God gives us.

We pledge to be workers for justice – to stand with the suffering and the poor; to bear witness to peace; to confront racism and sexism; to minister to the homeless; to be present to people suffering from drug abuse and living with AIDS; to revere and preserve the environment.

We pledge to strengthen and support family life, to reach out to minorities and any who stand apart and alienated from us by what we have done or by what we hold true, and to approach with renewed vigor the study of the Scriptures and the teaching of the Church, centering our lives in the celebration of the Eucharist and the other sacraments.

To enable us to accomplish all this, we look to the ministries of the Church community and the development of leadership for the future. We are called to:

  • a process for pastoral planning through Visioning, discernment, goal setting and evaluation;
  • recommitment and expansion of our ministries and;
  • increased financial support by all members.